Cyrus Audio HARK III rack offers support and isolation for XR and Classic Series

Newly-developed ‘Cyruthane’ improves isolation and integrated cable management tidies clutter

HUNTINGDON, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, June 24 – Cyrus is delighted to announce a new rack system, the HARK III, designed for their new XR Series of uncompromising components (amplifiers, preamps, CD players and more). The HARK III allows you to proudly display your coveted collection of Cyrus hi-fi gear in an elegant vertical column with built in cable management.

The HARK III features fully adjustable shelf heights, allowing multiple product configurations. HARK III is shipped complete with four shelving units, but is able to accommodate up to 8 shelves per rack (additional pairs of shelves are available separately).

In developing the HARK III, Cyrus have employed a  brand-new synthetic material designed to suppress and absorb micro-vibrations transmitted through the rack.  This new material, which is called ‘Cyruthane’ is applied to each shelf and provides industry-leading mechanical isolation.

Show off and support your Cyrus Hi-Fi on the new HARK III

To keep your Cyrus components free from cable clutter, HARK III has a built-in cable  and power block management system that is easily accessible from the front of the rack.  Large enough to accommodate a linear 8 gang power strip, as well as even larger after-market cable options, HARK III will keep your Cyrus audio system tidy and organised.

Simon Freethy, managing director of Cyrus, commented on the release: “Generations of Cyrus customers have sought to mount their prized components on our line of HARK racks. These not only provide a rigid, vibration-free environment to improve the sound, they are visually stunning, complementing the finish of Cyrus products.” He went on to say, “HARK III is a substantial step forward, both in functionality and aesthetics, of the Cyrus HARK lineage.”

Hark III can be purchased at your local Cyrus dealer the price is £999 with additional packs of 2 x shelves available for £150/pack.

– All-metal construction
– Cyruthane high absorbency isolation supports
– Supplied with 4 shelves, expandable up to 8
– Black or Silver finish options
– Dimensions (H x W x D) – 960 x 450 x 370mm
– Weight – 18kg

Hi-res images to download

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