Cyrus Science Lab offers premier online training for its global network of hi-fi dealers

Cyrus, the British manufacturer, known for their high-end engineering of hi-fi amplifiers, DACs, CD players, and streamers, has created a new online training platform named Cyrus Science Lab for their dealers worldwide. Its goal is for dealers and salespersons to learn, understand, and be comfortable explaining the latest technologies and designs crafted into Cyrus’s award-winning line of products. 

Cyrus Science Lab has launched with an initial suite of six modules: Introduction to CyrusIntroduction to Classic SeriesONE SeriesQXR DAC Technology, CD Servo Evolution Technology, and the Phono Signature, with more to come. Each module offers a series of tutorials, followed by a short quiz. As participants complete and pass the modules, they collect certificates, rewards, and progress towards becoming a Cyrus Master. 

“We’ve created a fun and interactive way for our dealers to get to know the Cyrus brand, and build up their understanding of the underlying engineering that makes our products perform so well,” says Simon Freely, Managing Director at Cyrus. ”We believe this will help our dealers better explain the products to customers enabling them to be confident in selecting the best products for their needs and thereby build a better home listening experience through the superb audio performance of Cyrus Audio.”

About Cyrus

Cyrus is a privately-owned specialist audio company built around its research and development team and based in Huntingdon, England. The company designs, prototypes, tunes, manufacturers and supports its products from the company’s head office. Cyrus products are perennial award winners in the leading Hi-Fi circles and are known for their half-width design, a feature that has made Cyrus products instantly recognizable across the world.

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