Cyrus announces free home trial across ONE Series products


Cyrus Audio has today announced the launch of a home trial programme for its ONE Series of products, including the Cyrus ONE, ONE HD and ONE Cast amplifiers, and the ONE linear speaker system. The trial is aimed at keeping customers entertained in the current time of social distancing and offers retailers the opportunity to continue to serve their customers.

Customers will be able to contact any of Cyrus’ participating UK dealers and arrange to borrow one of the amplifier products, either with or without speakers for a free trial period of 14 days, subject to a small deposit being taken.

As a direct response to the impact of Coronavirus, Cyrus is taking the lead in encouraging home trial, rather than asking customers to visit dealers’ premises for product tests and listening. The programme allows the customer to try Cyrus products in the comfort of their own home, in the actual room where they intend to use the product, as well trying it along side any existing audio products they may have.  For the customer this removes the risk that the product may not sound the same at home as it did in the store.  

Cyrus Audio’s MD, Simon Freethy, commented on the announcement, “The relaxation a good music system can provide has never been so important. With large numbers of people being asked to work from home and/or self-isolating, we want to ensure they have the opportunity for the escapism of music, without the stress of having to directly visit a hi-fi retailer.” He continued, “Our UK dealers have seen a dramatic fall in customer visits, so we wanted to develop a programme which allowed our retailers to continue to provide all the added value services they offer above online stores, such as demonstration facilities as well as one to one advice, without the customer physically having to visit the store.  

Retailers have embraced the move with positive feedback across the board.

“It’s an excellent promotion and I’m prepared  to get behind it. The timing is very appropriate.” Geoff Matthews, Soundcraft, Ashford, Kent

“Great initiative from Cyrus making it easy to experience the latest in British Hi Fi in their own home.” Rupert James – James-Morrow Home Entertainment Systems Ltd – Edinburgh

“Brilliant idea giving people the opportunity to try out great Hi Fi in their own home during these difficult times.” Mike – Acton Gate Audio – Wrexham

“Innovative Idea from an innovative company.” Alistair – DNA Audio – Otley

“I think the home trial promotion is an excellent idea.  While people are reluctant or not able to visit the store, we can bring the store to them by this home demo offer. This commitment to customer service is considerate to the current situation and reaches out to those who want to enjoy a great sounding Hi Fi whilst at home.” David Tyson – Peter Tyson – Carlisle


The Cyrus ONE series

All Cyrus ONE series products have as their foundation a 100w per channel stereo amplifier using Cyrus’ in-house designed ‘Hybrid Class-D’ technology to deliver impressive power and scale with the refinement and finesse that generations of Cyrus customers are accustomed to.  

The standard Cyrus ONE is a compact, integrated amplifier sporting multiple analogue inputs, as well as an integrated, high-quality phono-stage for direct connection of a turntable. There’s also an AV mode, which allows the Cyrus ONE to be partnered with an AV amplifier, dramatically improving the quality of both the Home Cinema and providing exceptional stereo performance. A dedicated headphone amplifier is also built-in.

The ONE HD builds upon this with full digital compatibility, adding a host of digital inputs. Each of these digital inputs is optimised for sound quality, using a High-Resolution 32-bit ESS DAC and our proprietary filtering systems. The Bluetooth input on the Cyrus ONE HD has been upgraded to the latest Qualcomm® aptX™ HD specification, greatly improving the sound quality available through simple tethering.

The ONE Cast goes even further, integrating seamlessly into a voice-controlled wireless multi-room audio system. Just as with other smart speakers, ONE Cast can be assigned a name and location, allowing multiple ONE Cast devices to be used in a home, or integrated into multi-room systems where other smart speakers are deployed. 

As well as built-in Google Cast™, Apple Airplay™, and Works with Alexa™, ONE Cast has a multitude of audiophile wired connection options including an HDMI® ARC input, allowing direct connection to a suitable TV, making it an ideal upgrade from a soundbar. The onboard DAC is capable of handling up to 32/192 digital files and DSD 128.  

Finally, there is the ONE linear, a compact bookshelf speaker using a KEVLAR bass driver and soft-dome tweeter. Cyrus’ acoustic engineers have produced a loudspeaker with a traditional ‘linear’ acoustic response, capable of handling the prodigious amount of power produced by the Cyrus ONE Series.  The ONE linear makes the most of the amplifier’s power and high current capability to reveal additional fine details and nuances within the music, as well as reproducing a huge but exceptionally well-controlled dynamic range.